Ki-Hara Certification Program

There are five levels of certification in the Ki-Hara training program.  Each course is 2 days in length, 7 hours each day and is $500.  In addition there is an internship program that is required to be completed for those wishing to be recognized as a Ki-Hara trainer, be qualified to teach workshops, and be listed on the website.   Attendees can repeat courses for free with the same instructor.

 Level 1

Level 1 is the foundation of Ki-Hara Work.  This course  reviews 16 self stretches, then delves more deeply into the basic 16 assisted stretches for the upper and lower body.  It is a very hands on course to learn the movements as well as body positioning for the practitioner.  The course concludes with a key problem solving formula to help you quickly and adeptly address your client or your own body’s issues.

To be a certified Level 1 Trainer you must complete the Internship Program  

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 Level 2

Level 2 introduces rotational movement patterns to the upper and lower body, building on Level 1.  Resistance Stretching in all 3 planes provides a critical component to the trainer’s knowledge base.  In this course the use of the Ki-Hara Stretching Board, working on a massage table and advanced problem solving, are introduced

After completing this level you must pass a take-home written exam.

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Level 3

Level 3 introduces integration into Ki-Hara Stretching.  Stretches for the core integrating upper and lower body are introduced as well as Ultimate Ki-Hara technique of stretching lower and upper body for an ultimate core integration experience.  Basic assessments, corrective core and functional exercises to support client’s dynamic changes from Ki-Hara are reviewed.

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Ki-Hara Cert Class Susan Bianchi, Anne Tierney, Steven Sierra, Karen Dubs