Professional Athlete Services

The needs and demands for the professional athlete’s body are highly specialized and unique.  Utilizing Ki-Hara Resistance stretching techniques we are able to optimize recovery and performance needs specific to the sport’s demands.  Through optimizing length tension relationships and greater activation throughout the end ranges where joint stability is most critical, the athlete is able to perform at his/her peak abilities.  We address chronic overuse issues and muscle imbalances enabling the athlete to access underutilized muscle, generating better power, explosiveness and performance and lowering susceptibility to injury.  


 Varvara Lepchenko and Susan Bianchi at US Open"Working with Susan I feel more smooth and am able to get more strength and speed.  I am able to involve more of my muscles and my body reacts faster in my game." 

Varvara Lepchenko #21 Professional Tennis Player in the world and the #2 US women's player





 Athletes worked with Intrinsic Health Systems

  • Varvara Lepchenko- #2 US Women’s Professional Tennis Player
  • The New York Jets
  • Alan Faneca- 9x NFL Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Champion
  • Addie Tousley, NCAA D3 Indoor Track National Champion, Team CC Champion, 3x CC All American
  • NCAA Division 1 Gymnast, Professional Hockey, 
  • Indycar Drivers

Alan Faneca and Susan Bianchi

"Working with Susan added a whole other dynamic to my training regime that I had never even thought about before meeting her. It filled the void in my normal muscle training and really connected everything, giving me better strength and stability in everything I did. As well as taking away a lot of the aches that came with playing football in the NFL."

Alan Faneca Offensive lineman, 9 time Pro Bowl Selection, key member of Pittsburgh Steeler's Super Bowl XL Championship